Pinch me: You can pre-order my new book from Waterstones!

Excuse me while I just have a moment here.

I recently did a spontaneous Double Felix book title Google and I was totally stoked by what came up. (Okay, yes, I Google searched for my own book. Okay, yes, I probably do have better things to be doing.)

Anyway, the listing for Double Felix not only appeared to be showing up in most of the major online retailers, but possibly even more exciting was that it was showing up as being available for pre-order in Waterstones. Like Waterstones, the actual bookshop. Like Waterstones, that I used to visit frequently when I lived in London and Cambridge. (Mmm Waterstones in Piccadilly – just take all of my money now.) How cool is that?

What is also cool is that if you search for Double Felix, it also appears alongside many, many listings for the James Watson and his book The Double Helix. Considering that the very first thing I thought of when I was coming up with the concept for Double Felix was the title – inspired by sitting around bored one day and playing around the phrase ‘double helix’ and wondering what a book with that title would be about – I totally love that these now show up together in Google.

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