Hooray! Hooray! Double Felix launches today

Releasing a book out into the wild is one of the most exciting, yet nerve wracking experiences for a writer.

On one hand, it is thrilling to think that something you have worked on for weeks/months/years/feels like an eternity is out there in the world for people to enjoy, yet on the other hand, it is terrifying to think that perhaps people won’t actually enjoy it. This is my third book baby that I’m sending out into the world, and whilst it has certainly gotten easier to share my writing with each book, it definitely is not without some trepidation too. I really hope that you enjoy Double Felix dear readers and if you do, make sure you tell everyone about it. Get some t-shirts made. Send a copy to a friend. Tweet about it. Instagram it, you good thing.

Big thanks to Louise and her team at Wacky Bee Books for making this latest dream happen (and happen so quickly too!) It has been fantastic to work with you. I had a feeling when I first got in touch with Louise back in 2011 that we were destined to work together at some point and here we are all of these years later.

Thanks also to Maria Serrano for bringing Felix to life with her fun illustrations. You did a great job at taking what was in my head and putting it onto paper!


Finally, the dedication inside this book reads:

For all the students who kept asking me “And then what happens?” until this book was finished.
Particularly you, Maddy. Far out, you are persistent.

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