Double Felix Blog Tour

Today marks the beginning of the Double Felix Blog Tour! I’m super excited to be visiting each of these fantastic blogs this week to celebrate all things Felix and I can’t wait to see what the writers at each stop think of the story.

Monday – Kirstyes

Thank you to Kirsty Stanley for being the first cab off the rank for the tour. You can read her full review here, but this is my favourite line for sure:

Both Felix and Charlie are fun characters and I loved following their growing friendship. They felt very authentic to their age.

It was fantastic that Kirsty was able to make connections back to her work as an OT and that she identified Double Felix as a great discussion starter for parents, teachers and students about how to best support students with different learning needs.

Tuesday – Miss Cleveland is Reading

Day Two was a stop at Miss Cleveland is Reading. Here’s what she had to say:

I loved the friendship that blossoms between Felix and Charlie as the story progresses, and how it challenges Felix to look at the world through the eyes of other children who don’t need his rules. His sessions with Hugo (Mr Fielding) show that OCD can be managed – there is no easy fix – through a determination to beat it and perseverance to keep trying when the fight feels too hard. The analogy of Basil The Bully is a great way to help readers understand exactly what Felix is fighting back against too.

Thanks for hosting Double Felix, Miss Cleveland. There definitely is no easy fix for these things, but with the right support, we can all walk alongside those challenged by mental illness with empathy and friendship.

Wednesday – An Awfully Big Adventure

It was great that Anna enjoyed Double Felix and I agree that it would be a great read aloud class novel. In fact, I read it aloud to my Year 6 class at school as I was writing it as a test drive!

I will be reading this wonderful book to my class of Y6 pupils. It’s an ideal way of explaining anxiety and OCD to children. It  will be helpful to those who are dealing with mental health issues and will shine a light on their every day struggles to their classmates.

Thursday – Library Girl & Book Book

I agree with Library girl’s comments that this would be a great book to facilitate discussion about mental health, as well as conversations about being friendly towards everyone, even if they seem different to you.

This book has the added bonus of being funny, which makes it the perfect choice as a text to prompt discussion about mental health issues with Key Stage 2 children and raise awareness of ‘hidden illnesses’ as well as being a great read.

Friday – Mum Friendly

I was so excited to read that Double Felix has become one of H’s favourite reads and especially that she finds it as good as her favourite Jacqueline Wilson book.

It’s safe to say, Double Felix has become one of H’s new favourite books. She’s on her fifth or sixth read already.  (whispers – it might have even replaced Jaqueline Wilson’s ‘Katy’ as the new-favourite)

So what was it about Double Felix by Sally Harris that made H go back and read it again? Here’s H (age 8)’s opinion :

I like it. Felix does things twice, he’ll say things twice. He goes to see Hugo Fielding, a counsellor at school which helps him. He’s taught to fight back against the thing in his head – Basil the Bully (named after the Basal Ganglia in the brain).

(Pop back tomorrow to follow along on the tour and I’ll keep adding the links for you here as the week progresses!)

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