100 Story Building

The 100 Story Building is a local initiative in Footscray, Melbourne, where, according to their website, ‘children and young people from culturally and linguistically diverse and marginalised backgrounds are given the opportunity to foster their creative voice and to have their ideas shared and respected’. I love their mission and was pretty excited to support their work through their latest fundraising initiative. To celebrate their fifth birthday, they are selling the 99 Levels below the trapdoor and I couldn’t help but want to become one of their imagination investors.  Whilst the Colossal Bubble Level and the Space Playground Level were a bit out of my reach, I did treat myself to the Basement Plumbing Level.

You can buy yourself a level of the building (maybe next to my level or even next to Andy Griffiths who got the Volcano Island level, the lucky bugger) by visiting https://chuffed.org/project/100-story-sale where levels are for sale for as little as just $5.

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